About PLCGurus.NET

Hi and welcome to the about page for PLCGurus.NET! My name is Fred Graham and I am the creator and moderator for this site. I have over 15 years experience in the Industrial Automation field and have found there is a lack of a good online community by which to share information, experiences and solutions, hence, PLCGurus.NET is born.

That said, what few blogs/forums I have found on the internet have one thing in common…they’re ALL trying to sell you something, whether it be a membership or a training video series. As a result, all content provided on our site and any tutorials we publish are, and will always remain, completely FREE!

I encourage you to join our growing community and share your industrial control problems, solutions and experiences so everyone who shares the passion for industrial control systems can benefit! If you would like, you can Register Here.

Lastly, our site is FREE of charge to our members, followers and contributors but may from time-to-time run advertisements when the full cost to operate the site is not covered. When we do, if you click on an Ad, or a Link to a Merchant, we may earn Affiliate revenue, so please if you do see something your are interested in go ahead and support us by clicking on the link. Also, please see our lists of Approved Service Providers and give them an opportunity to provide their products or services for your next industrial automation project. Thanks!

Site moderator,

Fred Graham