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Custom HMI/SCADA Using C# And Visual Studio – Part 1

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We are excited to announce a new video series we are working on right here at PLCGurus.NET on our Learn PLCs page and on our YouTube Channel. In this video series we are going to walk you through, in explicit detail, how to create your own Custom HMI-SCADA application using C#, Visual Studio and the .NET programming tools. Through the use of INGEAR NET.LOGIX API’s and drivers we can empower our C# applications to connect directly to any Allen-Bradley Logix based Controller.

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A New Industrial Revolution Is Here – Smart Manufacturing!

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Manufacturing stands on the brink of a new industrial revolution. While the last revolution was powered by machinery and fossil fuels, this one is driven by unprecedented access to data and advances in technology otherwise known as Smart Manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing allows manufacturers to optimize their production and supply networks and aims to take advantage of advanced information and manufacturing technologies. There is increased workforce training required for such flexibility and use of the technology rather than specific tasks as is customary in traditional manufacturing environments.

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Stratix 5700 Inter-VLAN Routing Configuration

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The Stratix 5700 Inter-VLAN Routing

Stratix 5700 Inter-VLAN Routing can be defined as a way to forward traffic between different VLANs by implementing a router in the network. VLANs logically segment the switch into different subnets, and the routing capabilities of the Stratix 5700 can be configured to route or forward the traffic between the various VLANs configured.

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ControlLogix – System Overhead Time Slice

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System Overhead Time Slice (SOTS)

I thought I would do a piece on the System Overhead Time Slice setting you will find in pre- L8 (5580) Allen Bradely ControlLogix and CompactLogix platform of controllers.  As the complexity and connectivity of modern automation systems get more complex requiring high-performance communications, I/O, and motion control , careful consideration must be taken to ensure that both user-defined and back-end system tasks are optimized to mitigate the likelihood of CPU starvation.

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IP Addressing – Networking Fundamentals

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Ethernet technologies and Ethernet/IP protocols are an integral part of today’s industrial automation systems. In this, IP Addressing Fundamentals video, I explain in explicit detail, what an IP Address is and how it functions, what a Subnet Mask is and what it’s used for, and finally the role of the Default Gateway.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.[1] An IP address or IP Addressing serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

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FactoryTalk Activation Service Path Privilege Escalation

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If you are a user of FactoryTalk Activation software and it’s related services please read this important announcement from Rockwell Automation Product Security group.

Rockwell Automation is releasing an update to its notice titled “FactoryTalk Activation Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation”. You are receiving this notification based on software activation and download records as of the release date of this updated notice.

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IP Communication Types

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In this video I will cover the various IP Communication Types used in Industrial Ethernet networks today.

Gone are the days when electricians and engineers spec and pull bundles of I/O conductors and interlock wires to-from machinery, robotics, and automation systems. As a result running 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inch conduits containing an abundance of control wires is a thing of the past. Now, we can run much smaller conduits that contain merely a network cables or cables, and perhaps a couple of low voltage power cables to power our network enabled devices.

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