Stratix 5700 NAT With Layer 3 Routing

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Implementing Stratix 5700 NAT

In this article we will be implementing Layer 2 NAT with Layer 3 routing as shown in the the network topology depicted below. For this example we will be leveraging two Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 Managed Industrial Ethernet switches (Full Software Version) and three Logix based controllers (machines). With Stratix 5700 NAT capability configured, we can setup a NAT instance per VLAN. When we create multiple VLANs on one Stratix 5700 switch we can connect multiple identical machines and leverage Layer 3 routing to route between the various VLANs.Stratix 5700 NAT Network Layout

Stratix 5700 NAT Network Table
Stratix 5700 NAT Network Table

Stratix 5700 Router Configuration

If you’ve not seen our article showing you how to initiate the Express Setup mode on a Stratix 5700 switch, you can view it here before proceeding. Also, we have created an in-depth article and video tutorial on how to effectively configure and implement Inter-VLAN Routing on a Stratix 5700 switch here. Both of these articles and video tutorials are highly recommended before proceeding with this article as we build upon and rely heavily on those foundations.

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Here at PLCGuru’s.NET we are constantly trying to improve and update not only our content but also our website and user experience. To that end, we are pleased to announce the release of our new Live & Interactive Forum for users of our community to share, post, and comment on all things Industrial Automation and control in real-time.

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How To Install FREE Rockwell Software

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We’ve been busy creating new videos here at PLCGurus.NET! We decided to do a piece for those of you who may be new to the Allen-Bradley family of PLC’s and Rockwell Software in general. In the following set of videos I will show you how to install FREE Rockwell software. That’s right, Rockwell does provide a FREE set of tools to get you up and running in their RSLogix 500 programming environment and MicroLogix 1100 platform of controllers without the need to spend any $$$ at all!

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Stratix 5700 Smartports Configuration

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We’ve been busy creating new videos here at PLCGurus.NET! In this video we take a look at Stratix 5700 Smartports and how to apply a given smartport configuration to the Stratix 5700 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch.

What are Smartports?

Stratix 5700 Smartports are the recommended configurations for switch ports. These configurations, referred to as smartport roles, optimize the switch connections and provide security, transmission quality, and reliability for traffic to-from the switch ports. The smartport roles also help prevent port misconfigurations.

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Custom HMI/SCADA Using C# And Visual Studio – Part 1

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We are excited to announce a new video series we are working on right here at PLCGurus.NET on our Learn PLCs page and on our YouTube Channel. In this video series we are going to walk you through, in explicit detail, how to create your own Custom HMI-SCADA application using C#, Visual Studio and the .NET programming tools. Through the use of INGEAR NET.LOGIX API’s and drivers we can empower our C# applications to connect directly to any Allen-Bradley Logix based Controller.

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