Rockwell Application Manager

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As per usual, Rockwell software decides it does not want to create a backup file for FactoryTalk (RS View). Simply saying that the application is open somewhere  else, which of course , is not the case. Rockwell Software was designed to confuse any and everyone. Siemens anyone?

Trevor Lund

Author: Trevor Lund


2 thoughts on “Rockwell Application Manager”

  1. Hi Trevor,

    Could it be that you still have the application open in FactoryTalk View Studio? If Studio is open close the application and try again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue I would suggest a restart of the computer, I’ve seen it where there are still some hooks (processes) hanging on to it…bug! Perhaps! Then go directly into the Application Manager without launching FTV Studio by choosing the Start Orb –> All Programs –> Rockwell Software –> FactoryTalk View –> Tools –> Application Manager.

    Hopefully that resolves the issue, and believe me we’ve all felt the frustration!