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How To Implement A ControlLogix PID Controller

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ControlLogix PID ControllerIn this article we will review how to implement a ControlLogix PID Controller using the Studio 5000 IDE. Full disclosure, we are going to be taking a practical application approach, therefore, you won’t be needing a PhD in Control Theory in order to follow along!

Before we can dive right into the implementation and configurations necessary to implement a ControlLogix PID controller, I think it will be prudent to review some key concepts regarding closed loop feedback, specifically what PID feedback control is, and what constraints or inherent issues that you are likely to encounter when implementing any real-world PID process.

So What Is PID?

PID control is by far the most common feedback control algorithm used in industry today. Different types of processes, having different dynamic (time-dependent) behaviors require different levels of proportional, integral and derivative controller action to achieve stability and robust response.

To explain PID in its entirety we are going to have to dive a little bit deeper into some of the mathematics involved. Just like any control algorithm with any complexity, the mathematical foundations will prove paramount to our overall understanding. So let’s get started!

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