Approved Service Providers

So you’d like to become one of our Approved Service Providers and get your company’s logo featured on our website…GREAT!

You’ve made a wise choice! Our community of viewers is growing at an exponential rate. If you’re visiting our site, then it’s safe to say that most, if not all of our followers and contributors are working in fields that directly relate to YOUR BUSINESS!

So why not provide them with the option to inquire about YOUR SERVICES and at the same time sponsor a website that’s committed to information and knowledge sharing. To find out what we are all about click here.

Need traffic analytics…NO PROBLEM! Contact us at to setup on online meeting where we can go over where we rate on the most popular search engines.

Okay, so you’re probably asking “how much is this going to cost us…”? For a modest $1 per day (less than the cost of a cup of coffee…) you can advertise your company and services on our website under our Service Provider page as an approved PLCGuru’s.NET sponsor.

For an additional $0.50 per day (now this is a steal!) you can be on our Featured Sponsor widget meaning everyone, on every page, will see your company logo all the time!

If the suspense is too much to handle and you just want to get your company logo on our website now, contact us at where we can go over different payment options.

**Get a 10% discount when you pay in full for 2 years.
**Get a 15% discount when you pay in full for 3 years.

All fees are payable in advance for the entire year.
Applicable sales tax not included.


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